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Hope Loves Company

65 Main St., Suite 101 Pennington NJ 08534


Hope Loves Company is the only non-profit dedicated to providing both emotional and educational support to children and young adults who had or have a loved one battling with ALS.

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Hopewell Valley Recreation Foundation

P.O. Box 491 Pennington NY 08534


The Recreation Foundation of Hopewell Valley has been the area’s premier advocate for facilities that provide active and healthy recreational options for area youth since 1999. Foundation Trustees include the heads of all the major recreation providers in Hopewell Valley. Through creative and successful fundraising activities resulting in donations of over $750,000, the Foundation has been the driving force in the construction of five multi-use fields at the Athletic Fields at Timberlane. The Recreation Foundation’s tireless efforts to alleviate the acute shortage of recreational facilities in the Valley have provided hundreds of youngsters in scholastic sports programs, as well as recreational leagues, with safe and convenient playing fields. The Foundation’s work serves as a powerful example of the importance of community partnerships with local schools and dedication to the healthy development of the Valley’s youth.

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Hopewell Valley Veterans Association

P.O. Box 394 Pennington NJ 08534

It is the mission of the Hopewell Valley Veterans Association (HVVA) to establish and promote friendship, camaraderie, understanding and cooperation between all veterans, members of the Association and the Residents of Hopewell Valley. It is also the mission of the Hopewell Valley Veterans Association to erect and care for a permanent memorial park for 17,000 plus residents of Hopewell Valley.

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Hopewell-Keroka Alliance (HKA)

The Hopewell-Keroka Alliance (HKA) is a public non-profit organization that focuses on raising awareness in the Hopewell Valley Community of the needs of the people of the Keroka Community. HKA raises funds to support the health and education of the people of Keroka and to improve the infrastructure in the Keroka area.

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Stony Brook Elementary PTO

To create a community of parents and teachers by building parental involvement in the organization, and supporting teachers in their efforts to educate the children of our community.

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