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The Lewis School Of Princeton


Exploring the Gifts of Learning Differently™

SUMMER STUDY (pre-k-12) The Lewis School’s acclaimed research-based Academic Support and Enrichment for students who learn differently help many children avoid a “summer slide,” while keeping others tuned and ahead for the coming school year. Each student is provided four focused weeks of multisensory strategy and structure that promote mastery, confidence and new learning. Classes are planned according to personal need, aptitude and interest, and taught by trained, experienced Language Specialists. Morning academics emphasize basic and higher level reading, writing, spelling, math, auditory processing, comprehension and critical thinking. Our Speech Pathologists offer programs that develop effective Executive Functioning for children who struggle with homework and are disorganized, anxious and forgetful. Afternoon options are ideal for artistic, athletic and STEM oriented students. Lewis is NJAIS and NAIS accredited.

Cambridge School


Cambridge's distinguished Summer Study Program (K-12) keeps students academically sharp over the summer. It starts with morning academics: language, reading, writing, and math and offers Afternoon Intensives: HOTS I, Higher Order Thinking for Summer - an intensive program to build critical thinking and inferencing skills. EFforT, Executive Function for Teens, is a program developed for older students who would benefit from strategies aimed at developing high-level thinking skills with a strong emphasis on the development of executive function needed for academics and planning multi-step projects. Executive Function Camp (Grades 2-6) is led by a Speech & Language Pathologist, and targets students who struggle to stay organized and complete school assignments.

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