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Princeton NJ Mosquito & Tick Control

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Cooper Pest Solutions


Our mosquito and tick control plans target the areas of your property where pests are nesting, resting, and breeding. The service includes treatments May through September to exterior shrubbery, plants, the lower parts of trees, under porches, and areas of your property where we may ?nd breeding grounds and areas of the pest population. By targeting these points, Cooper will reduce mosquito and tick breeding sites to stop these pests from making you their next meal!

The Compost Man


Compost and maintain your beds and landscapes organically with The Compost Man. We provide sustainable solutions for your landscaping & property maintenance, turf management, and pest control needs. Services include new bed design and establishment, spring or fall mulching, replenishing stone beds, planting (we love using native and colorful plants), weeding, and organic fertilizer. We also keep mosquitoes and ticks away with organic treatment for your property that is naturally derived and is applied regularly throughout the year.

Additionally, we remove food waste and take it to local farms where it is composted the good old fashion way. Our premium finished product can then be delivered to your front door or picked up to use back on your property. Our philosophy is to work with nature to give you a beautiful landscape that you can enjoy and feel good about.

Last Bite Mosquito & Tick Control


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