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Family Meetings Can Be Fun, Productive, and Meaningful

Family meetings are opportunities for parents and children to discuss important issues, strengthen communication, reinforce values, and nurture positive relationships.

Often, parents and kids are reluctant to adopt family meetings because they don’t understand their purpose and structure. Some parents fear it will lessen their authority. Conversely, children may view family meetings as a way for parents to enforce rules and restrictions.

Recently, 15-year-old Brian refused his parents’ invitation to attend a meeting, saying, “What a waste of time! Why do we need weekly family meetings to argue about the same things we argue about all week long?”

Brian’s response can be typical for children, especially teens who are trying to exert control over parental authority and don’t understand how family meetings can benefit children.

How can Brian’s parents explain the value of holding regular family meetings and invite their son into ongoing positive conversations with them and his younger sister?

When parents understand the benefits of family meetings and how to develop an effective agenda that incorporates fun, problem-solving, and family bonding, they will likely be able to explain the value and structure of meetings to their children. Together, the aim is to create habits that will help your family nurture positive relationships with your children—the core of positive youth development Read More

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