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Becoming a Photographer - The Life Long Journey

Photography is a lifelong journey, practice that’s never over. No matter how long you’ve been taking photos, there are always new things to learn and new photography experiences to explore.

Princeton Photo Workshop’s Photography Classes, Photo Camp for Teens, Private Instruction and Team Building Workshops offer photographers, at every age and skill level, practical concepts, tips and techniques that help you to shoot and process better photographs.

During Summer Photo Camp for Teens, Princeton Photo Workshop instructors and counselors guide creative young people from photography basics through advanced concepts, in just one week!

Year-round, Princeton Photo Workshop educates photographers of all ages, starting with the Fundamentals of Digital Photography and progressing to Photoshop, Portrait Photography, Macrophotography, Black & White Photography, Sports & Performance Photography, Still Life, In-the-Field practical experience and much more.

Students recommend Princeton Photo Workshop’s Instructors as “Informative, patient, friendly, helpful, and eager to share their knowledge”.

Questions? Contact Princeton Photo Workshop info@princetonphotoworkshop.com and sign up for your first class.

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