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Each week, the coaches from Milestone Academic Counseling offer timely advice for high school students in the Princeton area.

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High school is a journey.

It is much more than taking notes, studying, tests and projects. It is much more than hanging out with friends or playing a sport. In its totality, high school is an all-encompassing experience that culminates into an adventure of personal growth and self-discovery. High school is only four years, but it plays a major role in finding out who you are and will be for many years to come. And, what makes high school so special is that everyone's experience is completely different.

That is why we are starting The Common Denominator here at Princeton Online. The fact that everyone's high school journey is so unique is a huge reason why we feel the need to create a dialogue about what it is like to be a high school student in the Princeton area. Our community is full of students from all different backgrounds, and thus we are creating a platform to enable these people to share their stories, writing about their personal journeys regarding various high school related topics. Our goal is to demonstrate how diverse and special our students are, while uniting all of these differences with the common denominator of being apart of the greater-Princeton community.

In addition, we want to make The Common Denominator a resource for parents and other students in the community. We want you, the readers, to be inspired by the stories of the writers. Feel free to reach out to any of our writers about their experiences as high school students or to learn more about their various pursuits.

The Common Denominator is written by students for students and families - an inside look into the world of high school life. Even though our community is widely diverse, teens strive for the same thing - an all-encompassing experience that culminates into an adventure of personal growth and self-discovery. We hope that you will learn more about the students who make our community so special, and will be inspired by what they do in their final years in our school systems.

If you are interested in writing for The Common Denominator, please email for more information.

Moderated by Jake Cornelius.

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