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Speak Up Sonny

Speak Up Sonny...

 “Back in the day, that style was all the rage,” I told my client. Then I stopped in my tracks and steadied myself against the island of the display kitchen we were touring.
 “Are you okay?” my client asked.
 “Just suddenly feeling a little old,” I told her.
Had I really just said ‘back in the day’? Back in the day?  What the heck. How can I be of an age that there could be another day besides this one?  The whole sentence sounded old. ‘All the rage’? Really? I say things like that?  I’m going to pretend that it’s not the relentless grind of the gears of time dragging me slowly and patiently forward, but rather its the break-neck fast paced world of kitchen and bath remodeling that changes so fast, what’s in can be out and then back in again before you even finish the job.
With that in mind, here are some pictures of kitchens that typify specific styles with some comments from this old-timer.
While white kitchens are considered timeless, I’m here to say today they are more timeless than ever. We’re using white a lot right now, particularly with a high level of simple details. We are also using other solid colors frequently right now, including off whites, tans, greens, blues, and black.
Sleek lines, simple but elegant wood doors, with clean and efficient aesthetics has been really coming on strong. We’re using slab doors both with premium, exotic woods as well as extremely affordable semi-custom cabinets with affordable veneers. 
Also on display in this photo is the trend toward varied counter surfaces. Here, in lieu of a standard 1-1/2” quartz surface top, we laminated the edge up to 3”. Counters are becoming an opportunity to add architectural detail to a kitchen.
Here’s another example of the countertop
becoming more than a pretty place to put things on:
Here’s a new appliance that has been very popular:
I don’t think you can call one new appliance from one manufacture a trend, but it does mirror the healthy living movement. Home gardens and local produce certainly seem to be on the rise. 
When we opened Cranmer’s Kitchens by Design, this was a new, hot appliance:
We haven’t installed one of these for quite some time. I guess steaming is in, frying is out.
Time for this old timer to pop a Geritol and have a nap.


Wow - great blog and love the pictures.  Do you hve any advice for someone who needs new appliances NOW but is hoping to do a kitchen renovation in the next year? 

 Sorry - just read your comment more closely - you need appliances NOW but want to completely renovate later.  That's always tough.  Particularly if you want to change things - for example, if you have a range now, but would rather have a cook-top and double oven...or, you have a 30" range today, but want a 48" range after the full renovation.  

If that is the case, you might think about buying affordable but good appliances today, and know that you will sell them when you start your renovation.  Appliances sell fairly well through classified ads and online sales.  Or, you could investigate a few minor alterations that allow you to fit your new prefered applaicne configuration in the existing kitchen.  But be careful, those costs add up - new appliance configurations often mean new wiring, cabinet and countertop alterations etc....

If you are comfortable with your configuration, then you should be safe to simply buy new appliances today, and know that you are going to re-use them when the time comes to renovate.

Hope that helps.

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