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Colors are Coming on Strong


“Well, I’m not sure,” my client explained.  “It’s very yellow.”

“I thought you wanted yellow,” I replied.

“Oh, I definitely want yellow,” she said emphatically, then turned back the yellow cabinet sample I had just brought her.  Her nose wrinkled and she shook her head.  “It’s just so yellow...”

Turns out when she said yellow, what she meant was yellow that wasn’t too yellow.  Almost a cream, but not a white cream.  A yellow-y kind of cream, that is yellow instead of tan, but not so yellow that you would call it yellow.

And the sample I brought was yellow.  Just plain yellow.

This client isn’t the only person looking for just that right shade of something.  The trend toward painted cabinets in colors other than white has been growing for while now.  Our cabinet manufactures have been responding by adding colors to their standard choices.  But as you can imagine, when designers from across the country tell their cabinet manufacturers that they would like to see some things like yellow painted cabinets added to the catalogue, what they often give us is yellow painted cabinets.

They don’t give us yellow that isn’t too yellow, yellow that is almost cream, but not white cream, a yellow-y kind of cream that is yellow instead of tan, but not so yellow that you would call it yellow.

They give us yellow.

At least initially.





(And here, let’s pause for a brief review of cabinetry classifications and their basic pros and cons in the context of this blog about yellow cabinets.  





Down at the bottom of the food chain, you have very affordable stock cabinets, mass produced, warehoused and quickly delivered, available in only a few styles, woods and stains, generally no painted cabinets, just white thermo-foil, so definitely no yellow cabinets.  




On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have full custom cabinets, which in addition to a wide variety of styles, woods and colors, would gladly custom match any color for a painted cabinet.  So if you wanted yellow, like the yellow of an over ripe banana the day before it turns brown, assuming you can time it right, simply send them the banana and they will match it.  In addition to being the most flexible class of cabinetry, it is the most expensive.  




In the middle is the built-to-order semi-custom cabinet, which can be customized, but have some limitations as to what they will do.  Most semi-custom cabinets won’t do custom color matches.  For the budget of the project, our client looking for the perfect yellow wanted to stay in semi-custom cabinets.)


Recently though, manufacturers have been stepping up and giving us more yellows.  And more blues, and more browns.  Our best selling semi-custom line, Brookhaven by Wood-mode now has dozens of colors in a variety of styles including standard semi-gloss paint, traditional glazes, vintage glazes and distressing.  For many years, these colors and styles had only been available in full custom cabinets.  



Here is a nice glazed painted color surrounding a very dark stained island.



Penelope Pitstop Purple....




Here is an earth tone green flanking stained cherry.  (Designed by Stephen Thompson, Design Force)



So after ordering a few more samples, I thought we could deliver our client that yellow that wasn’t too yellow at a semi-custom price point.  But in the end, it turned out that when she wanted yellow, she really meant white.  Regular white.  






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