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Baking the Bird

In honor of Thanksgiving, let’s take a look at some over-sized turkey cookers.



This is the Wolf 36” oven, and it’s a very big oven.

While yes, this makes a great turkey roaster, we’ve installed these for quite a few clients who take their baking seriously.  The extra width accommodates sheets and trays very nicely.

A number of other manufactures are making 36” wide ovens as well, including Kitchen Aid, Viking and Dacor.

And sure, 36” is big, but 60” is bigger:


The Wolf 60” range.  Two full size 30” ovens, 6 burners, a griddle and a grill!  So you can cook the turkey, bake a few pies, boil a few pots of potatoes, grill some corn and make yourself a hold-me-over Philly cheese steak on the griddle all at the same time.

But that’s nothing compared to this:



That’s SIX ovens.  Enough to cook a family of turkeys for your family.

The Aga cooker is a stunningly beautiful and very unique appliance.  But it can’t do this:


Turkey frying is strictly an outdoor sport.

Happy Thanksgiving!



How do you feel about buying appliances online through Craigslist . . .I am in the market for new but have heard there are great deals online - slightly used or new.  And, what's the skinny on Subzero - the good, bad, and ugly please . . .

Buying used appliances is fine idea assuming of course they are in good shape, and assuming of course that the savings is signifigant.  Remember, no warranty will transfer with the purchase, so any repairs will be fully on your tab.  Of course, if the appliance is used, it may have out lived it's warranty already.  But it's an important point to keep in mind because repairs can be expensive, especially in high end appliances.

Sub Zeros are great - they recently had a major re-deign, so virtually all their refrigerators can achieve the fully inegrated look that made them famous.  Previously there was a distiction between a paneled, cool 'Built-In look' and the totally dissappearing WAY cool 'fully integrated' look that had only been possible in their smaller 700 series.  Now their whole line can copletely disappear behind cabinetry.

Of course they are expensive, and like all appliances, they can have issues.  On the other hand, they stand firmly behind their product, and being a market leader, they have a very wide network of local technicians who are familiar with the product, so getting issues resolved is never that difficult.

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