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Reduce Your Footprint in the Bathroom

Here are some suggestions for reducing your footprint in the bathroom.  Try as many as you can!  

  1.  Use a reusable cup instead of disposable cups (disposable cups make sense when someone in the household is sick)  
  2. Do not run the water while brushing teeth or while shaving  
  3. Take shorter showers  
  4. Reduce singe use plastics - Explore these options available for purchase:   
    • Consider toothpaste and mouthwash tabs
    • Use a refillable soap dispenser, bar soap or hand soap slips 
    • Consider a natural dental floss (bonus - may be compostable!)
    • Use 100% cotton balls and cardboard/cotton Q-tips (compostable!)
    • Consider shampoo and conditioner bars or water soluble pods
    • Use a bamboo toothbrush
    • Use a reusable razor
    • Use reusable facial pads (washable cotton, bamboo, etc.)
    • Use cloth handkerchiefs (tissues make sense when someone in the household is  sick) 
  5. Reduce reliance on or seek out substitutes for cosmetics in plastic packaging and containers - package free, refillable, biodegradable, glass packaging  
  6. Recycle plastics when they cannot be avoided (#1 and #2).  Most prescription bottles (not the lids) are #5 plastic which can be dropped off at a bin at Whole Foods.  Remove the labels as much as possible.  
  7. Properly dispose of unneeded and expired medicines: Project Medicine Drop  
  8. Compost where possible - cardboard toilet paper rolls, Q-tips, hair, nails, tissues, 100% cotton balls (All should be compostable if NOT used with chemicals/toxins) 
  9. Use natural or non-toxic bathroom cleansers when possible.  Skip single use or disposables.    
  10. Consider a bidet to reduce use of toilet paper  
  11. Donate unopened toiletries to a local shelter or food bank.  Consider donating opened toiletries and cosmetics to https://projectbeautyshare.org/ (must be mailed. Check website for details). 
  12. Switch to LED light bulbs 
  13. Install a low-flow aerator on the sink faucet and shower head  
  14. Install a dual-flush or low flow toilet to reduce water use  
  15. Fix leaks    

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