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October Home Maintenance Checklist

Are you ready to enjoy some hot cider on a cool October day? Before you do, take care of a few home maintenance tasks that can help you refresh your home and embrace the “hygge” all homeowners are looking for as the months get cooler. Here’s your October home maintenance checklist:


Lawn Maintenance & Leaf Removal: 

In many areas of the country, mid-to-late October will be the last mow of the season. You’ll want to help ready your lawn for the long winter ahead by cutting it a bit shorter. It’s recommended to cut with the blade’s lowest setting for the last two times you plan to mow. You’ll also want to store your lawn mower properly for the winter. Be sure to remove any excess gas from your mower and clean the blades.

It wouldn’t be autumn without falling leaves. Unfortunately, those beautiful leaves can make a mess of your yard. Some families enjoy raking the leaves together and making a day of it. Others who might not have the time choose to hire a leaf removal service. If this sounds like the route you’d like to go this season, the average cost to remove leaves is $307, with most homeowners spending between $208 and $325.


Clean Gutters: 

Another area falling leaves can congregate is in your gutters. Leaves can cause build-up leading to leaks and flooding. It’s best to clean out your gutters around the end of the season, so you can be sure all the leaves are gone. It’s good to clean your gutters twice a year anyway, so this should be the last time you do so until spring! The average cost to clean gutters is $145, with most homeowners spending between $112 and $152.


Store Outdoor Furniture: 

While you’re wrapping up your other outdoor tasks, it’s time to put away any chairs, tables and other furniture you’ve been enjoying all season long. Cover and store outdoor furniture properly, so the cold weather doesn’t ruin them. If you have a shed, that’s a great place to store them until the warm weather returns!


Deep Clean Entryway:

After a busy summer and the start of school, your entryway could likely use some TLC. Take an afternoon to deep clean the area. Organize your entryway storage, scrub the floors and wash the windows. Most entryways have higher windows that don’t get as much attention. It’s time to give them a good scrub. Read 5 Tips For Cleaning High Windows to see how you can do this.


Change Direction Of Ceiling Fans:

Did you know that by changing the direction of your ceiling fan, you can help make the heating in your home more efficient? By changing your ceiling fan to go clockwise, you can save money on your utility bills. On most fans, there is a small button on the base that allows you to switch the setting between clockwise and counterclockwise. You’ll need to turn the fan on to observe what direction its currently on. Never change the setting while the fan is on, however. Turn the fan off, then change the direction. It’s a simple step that can save you money. If you’re having trouble or you find that your fan isn’t going the right direction, it might be time for a repair. The average cost to repair a ceiling fan is $142, with most homeowners spending between $103 and $148.


Test & Upgrade Fire Protection: 

Did you know that National Fire Prevention Week is in October? According to the National Fire Prevention Association, firefighters respond to an average of one house fire every 86 seconds. It’s for this reason that National Fire Prevention week serves as a good reminder to test your home fire prevention system. Check your smoke detector battery and test your fire extinguishers. Review your fire escape plan with your family. You might even consider adding a sprinkler system to your home. You can’t ever be too prepared!

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