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Let's Put Plastic in it's Place

“I will reduce my reliance on plastic grocery bags by pledging to using reusable grocery bags every time I shop!"

We ask that you join us in putting plastic in its place by taking a monthly pledge to reduce, reuse and recycle the plastics that find their way into our daily life.

With your help, we’ve collected over 280 pounds of plastic film with 3 months left to go in our 6 month Trex Recycling challenge. The response of most people when they see the mountain of plastic film we have collected is, “Wow. That is a lot of plastic. What else can we do?”

The answer was given to us in the late 70’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. The important piece that wasn’t picked up is that the 3 R’s, as they are known, should be done IN THAT ORDER. The first R, reduce is the most important step in impacting the plastic problem!


Do you need to use the produce bag in the grocery store when you buy 5 apples? There are other options; buy mesh produce bags that you can reuse every trip or be a renegade and don’t bag those apples at all. Do you buy individual snack packed items like chips? Could you instead buy the larger bag and use a reusable storage container to portion out what you need for that day? There are alternatives to, and ways to reduce, reliance on single use plastic. They may not be as convenient but if every one tried a little harder and put more thought into their purchases, it could have a big impact. Small, incremental changes in our daily lives and habits will result in change for the better.

But in the mean time, we are still collecting plastic film items for the Trex Challenge. Do you buy bagged apples, potatoes, or carrots? Do you buy bread or cereal? How about paper towels, toilet paper, or cases of soda? Do you receive plastic mailers or packages with bubble wrap? If the answer is yes, bring in these plastic film wraps so that we may meet our goal of 500 pounds by May 1.

Hint: Some grocery or store bags have a recycling symbol to guide you; if it is labeled 5 or 7, they are NOT acceptable. If the symbol says #2, #4, or “Take to Store”, then we will gladly accept it. Please remember that ALL items need to be clean and dry and ALL paper labels need to be cut off.

Plastic film wraps are accepted at the:

Tulpehaking Nature Center

157 Westcott Ave, Hamilton

Fridays-Saturdays 10 a.m. - 4 p.m., Sundays noon - 4 p.m.

Historic Hunt House

197 Blackwell Rd, Pennington

Daily, sunrise to sunset

Will you take our February Pledge?

“I will Reduce my reliance on plastic grocery bags by pledging to use a Reusable grocery bag every time I shop!”

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