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Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products You Should Know About

Ever since we learned about the chemicals and toxins released by the wipes and disinfectant sprays we’re using nonstop lately, we’ve been on the hunt for eco-friendly cleaning products we can feel better about using in our homes. We've been turning to brands like Branch Basics, a female-founded cleaning supply company that makes a plant-and-mineral-based concentrate for cleaning pretty much every part of your house. We appreciate the BPA-free, reusable spray bottles and the biodegradable, nonharmful formula.

Since we discovered Branch Basics, we’ve had our eyes peeled for more of the same. We’re happy to report our findings: The following companies are coming up with natural and reusable solutions for cleaning, from kits to technical devices. Here’s a selection of eco-friendly cleaning products that are making us feel better about our washing, countertop-wiping, mopping, laundry, and more.

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