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Best Tips for Having a Successful Garage Sale

Looking for some easy ways to make extra money? (Who isn’t?) Maybe you’re trying to ramp up your speed toward that Debt-Free Scream. Or maybe you just want to replace that old nasty couch that’s been Febreezed one too many times.

No matter your reason, one of the tried and true ways to make some quick cash is by having a garage sale. And believe us: There’s nothing better than a garage sale—for the seller and the buyer. You’ve got a well-loved kitchen table that needs to go? There’s someone in the market for that. You’re finally ready to part with those clothes you’ve never worn? Yep—somebody will probably want those too. If you’re a newbie to the yard sale game, don’t worry. We’ve got all the garage sale tips to help you get organized, price your stuff fairly, and end the day with a handful of cash.

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