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When To Plant Grass Seed

You have recently come back from the garden store loaded down with numerous bagfuls of grass seed that you're excited to plant in your yard. Visions of lushly abundant grass, evenly trimmed, and glistening in the multicolored sunset dance through your imagination. You get out of your automobile and walk to the trunk and a snowflake softly lands on your nose. Brrr. And you think, "Is this the right time to for planting grass seed?" Most likely not. So, the question is, "When to plant grass seed?" What is the best time for planting grass seed? What temperatures and considerations will best advance the seeds to root and prosper? We'll explore the answer to these questions in three concise segments.


Apparently, planting grass seed during the heart of wintertime in New England is a ridiculous time for planting grass seed. However, maybe the heart of wintertime in New Mexico is the ideal time for planting grass seed. How can you decide? Acknowledge your climate and localized seasons. If your springtime is wet and warm, then this is when to plant grass seed. However, If your springtime is dry and blazing hot, think about planting grass seed later in the winter while there's more expected moisture levels and the temperatures are more sensible. Again, be aware of your climate and regional times of year.

When To Plant Grass Seed: TEMPERATURE

What is the ideal temperature for planting grass seeds in order for them to prosper? Are we considering air temperature or ground temperature? It is not necessary to go outside with a thermometer; however, there are some matters to remember. Whenever the earth is still frozen at the surface, wait. The ground is ideal when you are able to dig around four or five inches down. By the time the grass seeds germinate roots this length, the ground should be long thawed. When considering the air temperature, you generally want to hold off until the sun has been out for a while and the temperature is above 50 degrees or so each day. The warmer the better. In essence, if you are able to wear a light jacket outdoors and feel completely cozy, your grass seed should feel cozy in your soil also. The point is that you do not want the grass seed to become frozen and you do not want the sunlight to bake the seeds and vaporize water too quickly.

When To Plant Grass Seed: CONDITIONS

Planting grass seed is most beneficial during the early spring, for most people. This time is usually best because you need some natural moisture precipitating to insure that the seed remains wet. If there's not much water falling from the sky, it should come from your hose. What soil conditions are best for planting grass seed? First of all, you need to loosen the soil with a metal-tine rake, next water it down in order for the seeds to stick. Next you need good, moist conditions to encourage growing. Therefore watch over the patch you seeded. Keep it watered as much as possible, soon enough small pale-green shoots will begin to appear.

Now that you know when to plant grass seed, go discover the ideal seed for your region and get your grass growing!


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