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Stink Bugs 101

Our friends at Cooper Pest Solutions have the Stink Bug figured out.  With their help, you will, too!

What is a Stink Bug?

Stink Bugs are a little more than 1⁄ 2” long, shield-shaped, and colored various shades of brown. They get their name because of the scent that they emit when crushed. These insects are primarily an agricultural pest and feed on seeds and berries produced by trees and ornamental plants. Unfortunately, they are also becoming an increasingly large problem in homes and office buildings.

Why do I have them?

Stink Bugs will find their way into homes to overwinter. They will enter the structure during the fall and may remain active within the home throughout the winter. They will certainly become active again in the spring as the weather warms up and they begin to exit the structure.

Where did Stink Bugs come from?

The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug was accidentally introduced into the United States from Asia sometime between 1996 and 1999 in Allentown PA.

Why should I be concerned with Stink Bugs?

Though they are harmful agricultural pests, Stink Bugs are not harmful to humans. The primary issue with Stink Bugs is that they can invade your home in large numbers and become very frustrating when they are active. This is especially true because they have a tendency to get into and under things once they are inside.

How do I get rid of Stink Bugs?

Once Stink Bugs have invaded your home or office there isn't much that can be done to get rid of them aside from removing or killing them as you see them and waiting for them to leave on their own.

Regardless, of what other pest control companies may tell you, it is close to impossible to remove stink bugs once they have over-wintered in your home aside from vacuuming them as you see them. Additionally, Stink Bug traps are also very ineffective since they are intended to treat the problem once it is too late. The most effective Stink Bug treatment is to prevent them from entering your home with a Cooper Preventative Service. This service takes place in the late summer or early fall, but will become less effective the later it takes place in the fall. This service focuses on chemical applications to the exterior of the structure and prevents the Stink Bugs from taking up residence in your home for the winter.

In the event that you have a major infestation aside from the occasional Stink Bugs in your home, Cooper can help!

How soon can you get here?

At Cooper Pest Solutions, our goal is to provide fast, convenient service, with the peace of mind that you are in good hands. We understand that pest problems can be stressful and overwhelming, so we strive to have one of our representatives meet with you the same day or very next day.

Is the treatment environmentally friendly?

Cooper provides an eco-friendly option for stink bug control. In addition, all products used by Cooper Pest Solutions are EPA registered for pest control use. Our highly trained pest control professionals will follow all appropriate label requirements in an effort to keep pets and humans safe.

How can I prevent Stink Bugs in the future?

While sealing up your home on your own may certainly help to reduce the numbers of Stink Bugs you see throughout the year, it is not a guaranteed way to keep them out. Since this method isn't 100%, and there is nothing you can really do about Stink Bugs once they are in your home you may find it less frustrating to have a professional treat your home to prevent the insects from invading.



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