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New Jersey’s Historic Inns

It all started with a simple question from Jessie Havens, one of our longest- standing members at Preservation New Jersey (PNJ), who wanted to help a friend. Her friend had asked her, and then Jessie asked me: What are some restaurants in historic buildings in NJ?

Without a comprehensive answer, I turned to the crowd, posted online, and a couple hours later the question had gone viral. People from all across the state were sharing their personal favorites, tagging friends, and linking to heritage sites restaurants of choice across New Jersey. The preservation community, it turned out, was thrilled to share and I was well on my way to planning some day trips.

One category of sites that emerged frequently among the recommendations was historic inns. New Jersey, a crossroads for travelers since long before the Garden State Parkway, is dotted with old inns that provided food and board to travelers. The histories of these inns have a lot to teach us about the region’s early industries, yesteryear travel, and various figures and families from New Jersey’s past. Fortunately, due to adaptive reuse, we can still also have some delicious meals along the way.

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