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The S3 Agency Awards Free Creative Services to Trenton Children’s Chorus

BOONTON, N.J. (April 18, 2018) – The S3 Agency is proud to announce that Trenton Children’s Chorus is the newest recipient of the agency’s pro bono program, S FREE. Now in its second year, S3 created S FREE as a way to provide free creative services to worthy NJ-based organizations that are too small, too new, or too non-profit to pay for them. Trenton’s Children’s Chorus, the award-winning non-profit organization that is providing exceptional musical, academic, social, and personal growth opportunities for young people in the Greater Trenton Area.

“We are honored to be partnering with Trenton Children’s Chorus, an organization that is a testament to how the cultivating a child’s artistic talents can lead to improved quality of life,” says Denise Blasevick, CEO of The S3 Agency. “Our goal is to create a high-impact ad campaign that will increase awareness of and fundraising for this organization that is truly making a difference in New Jersey’s future.”

TCC delves deeply into the lives of 200+ participating children in grades K-12, providing extraordinary support. The organization offers choral music education and performance opportunities as well as drumming instruction, music theory instruction, tutoring, homework assistance, SAT prep, college application help, and summer camp scholarships. TCC has performed at the White House, United Nations, National Cathedral, and other prestigious events. Unlike other arts programs, no child is ever denied participation because of limited resources.

Linda Helm Krapf, Executive Director of Trenton’s Children’s Chorus, states, "This award from S3 is the perfect gift at the perfect time for Trenton Children’s Chorus. The Chorus will celebrate its 30th anniversary next year. Re-branding and developing a brand-building ad campaign will allow us to communicate focused and unforgettable messages about the power of music to help children reach their full potential."

The S3 Agency created S FREE to donate its advertising, public relations, and social media services to eligible organizations located in NJ and with less than $1,000,000 in annual revenue or fundraising. The next application period begins in July 2018 at For more information about The S3 Agency, please visit

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