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A complete listing of coming events for families and kids.

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Printable graphics for kids to color!

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by Glenn Paul
Three family trips to Pennsylvania. 
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Welcome to Family Works!. We hope that this site provides you with practical and helpful information to entertain and educate your family. Scroll down to see the many areas you can explore.

Parenting 101

Princeton Back to School feature

With a complete listing of local schools, kids party ideas, articles, educational business listings, open houses and more!

Pediatric Healthcare
Once you become a parent, nothing is more important than keeping your child healthy. Other than the obvious benefits to your child's welfare, it  will also decrease the amount of worrying that all parents normally go through. (It may also increase the amount of sleep everyone gets!) The Pediatric Group of Princeton will be contributing a regular column on important pediatric issues.  The newest article this Winter 2008 is"Parenting Part I"Visit the archive for previous  columns. (All of the doctors in The Pediatric Group are available for talks and roundtable discussions regarding issues in Pediatrics. If your organization is in need of a speaker of facilitator, please call our office.)

Ask  Jill!
Jill Kaufman is a local parent educator who has joined Family Works! to answer our users' questions regarding discipline, sibling rivalry and  many other issues facing parents of toddlers through teens. Visit her most recent responses or submit a question directly to Jill.

Commune-icate with Your Children

Jill Kaufman

Parenting 101

High School and College Choices

Liz Smith, Editor-in-chief,, helps parents and teenagers with upcoming choices with "Post-High School Options"

Trinity Counseling
Family Wellness Resource Center
The Center is organized around the philosophy that the health and wellness of a family is crucial to the health of individuals and society as a whole. Visit Trinity  Counseling Service for more information and also be sure to read the archive of many family advice columns written by Rev. Peter K. Stimpson. This fall please visit "Masks".

Peter Stimpson

Parenting 101

Kids and Technology

ID Tech Camps provides a nice new article: "Stimulating Imaginations and Learning at Princeton University: Kids Embrace Technology"

Corner House Counseling Center

Corner House is a non-profit counseling center for adolescents, young adults, and their families as they confront substance abuse and other emotional issues. They offer school/community-based prevention/education programs, and the treatment staff includes counselors, clinical social workers and family therapists supported by a consulting psychiatrist. Visit "Can Parents Be Too Strict?" for an extremely informative article presented by the Student Board.

Parenting 101

Parenting 101

Parenting  101!
Parenting 101 is full of great information for parents-to-be,  new parents and parents of toddlers. Led by Pamela Caywood, this section  includes essays, creative craft ideas, parenting tips, and humourous anecdotes. Her most recent article is entitled Are We There Yet?".