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How Can My Car Get Better Fuel Mileage?

Ever wonder how you can get better fuel mileage on your car? Here are some easy tips on how to use less gasoline.

  1. Keep your engine properly tuned. Fixing a car that is noticeably out of tune or has failed an emissions test can improve its gas mileage.
  2. Make sure the tires are inflated at the manufacturer's recommended levels. Reduced tire pressure means increased contact area between the tire and the road. Friction between the rubber of the tire and the road increases, resulting in higher fuel consumption. 
  3. Treat the brakes and accelerator pedals with respect. Be smooth with the car’s controls. Rough, speedy accelerations and sudden brakes harm the vehicle’s fuel efficiency.
  4. Consolidate your trips. Two short trips will consume more fuel than one slightly longer trip because your car consumes more fuel every time you start the car. Combine as many trips as you can where possible.
  5. Remove bulky items from your car and trunk that are no longer necessary. The heavier the car, the more gasoline the car will consume.
  6. Replace your air filters. Replacing your air filter within the recommended replacement period of your vehicle’s manufacturer will improve overall engine efficiency by improving its ability to draw air from the environment. If the air filter is clogged up with dust, debris or other particles, your car’s engine will have to work double time to draw air for mixing with fuel. This increases fuel consumption and lowers gas mileage.

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