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Driver Defense: 10 Ways to be Safer on the Roads

Want to know how to be a good driver? Of course you do! (Who doesn’t?) Well, here’s a slightly-uncomfortable truth: Perfectly safe driving is impossible.

There are always risks involved when you’re hurtling down the road in a high-speed vehicle. Bad weather. Distracted or impaired drivers. Unsafe road conditions. There are too many variables outside of your control to bring your risk of accidents down to a perfect zero. There are, however, rules you can follow to be a safer driver.

Some safe driving tips are so obvious that anyone with a learner’s permit could name them - like using your lights and turn signals, wearing a seat belt, obeying the speed limit, watching your rear-view mirror, and getting a good night’s sleep before you get in the driver’s seat. Some safe driving habits take a little more practice - like keeping your cell phone in the glove box to limit distractions, maintaining an appropriate stopping distance between your car and the next vehicle, learning to recognize and avoid aggressive drivers, and investing in a defensive driver program. And some safe driving tips involve the very latest road safety technology - like cutting edge mobile apps that help you make smarter choices while driving.

We’ve rounded up the ten most powerful tips to help boost your safety on the road. Check out our infographic below and brush up on how to be a safe driver (or safer driver) the next time you hop in your car.  Read MORE

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