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Bridge of Sighs, Venice, by Jay Goodkind "Eastern Bluebird", by George Vogel Fog 6, by Igor Svibilsky     Bicyclists, by Carl Geisler

"Omar's Daughter", by David H.Miller

Owl, by Larry Parsons"Francesca at the Oil Well",  by Mary Julia Kephart
"Flower #1", by Heinz Gartlgruber
"Sunset At Crystal Lake, Vermont," by Olga Sergyeyeva
"Bird", by Larry Parsons

Dairy Barn 1, by DF Connors

 "Typical Man Typical Day on Ferry Street", by Danny Mejias
Pond Reflections, New Hampshire, by Olga Sergyeyeva
Jerseyfresh 28, by Sally Davidson

President's Message
2008 will mark the silver anniversary of the Princeton Photography Club. Over these years the club has strived to stimulate its members' photographic aspirations, abilities and techniques.

Recently digital photography has come to overshadow traditional film photography, and with it the necessity of learning computer driven imaging. The club strives to educate its members on how these revolutionary changes affect their medium.

Digital is only one of the club's interests. We offer speakers who discuss the history and traditions of photography as well as offering our members their insight to the creative aspects of using light, line, form, texture and composition.

Starting with our July 2007 workshop we have moved to a more spacious, well equipped meeting place at the Johnson Education Center, D & R Greenway Land Trust, 1 Preservation Place, Princeton, New Jersey. Meetings are the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7:30 PM.

We encourage photographers to exhibit their photographs. To this end the club provides venues where the public has the opportunity to see the art that our members create. In May, a Photo Club tradition is our own photo show, given at our meeting place. It's more fun than simply having your photos hanging on your living room wall!

Come and help us celebrate our 25th year. Membership dues are $35.00/yr. for an individual, $45.00/yr. for a family, and $15.00/yr. for a student.

Carl Geisler, President

Link to the List of Officers           www.princetonphotoclub.org

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"Mixed Balloons", by Terry Lyons

Princeton Fog II, by Ed Greenblat
"Mercer Oak, Princeton", by Deborah K.Paglione

 Cancun Mexico, by Steven Richman
The Clamshell, by David Verdini
"Munich #1" by David Miller
Chihuli, by Ann Mark

Violets and Forest, by Rhoda Kassof-Isaac
Sunrise at Golden Rock, by Leona Law Poinsettia and Cyclaman, by Rhoda Kassof-Isaac "Pemaquid Lighthouse", by Marc Stempel Heinz & Maria Gartlgruber, Abstract # 2