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Cambridge School Announces the Expansion of our Upper School

Cambridge School

Cambridge School Announces the
Expansion of our Upper School

Cambridge School located in Pennington NJ, is a proven leader for educating students with Dyslexia, ADHD and Language-Based Learning Differences. Based on the tremendous success of our current 9th grade programming and in response to intense community interest, Cambridge School has announced the expansion of our Upper School through grade 12. Beginning September 2015, a 10th grade year will be added followed by an 11th and 12th grade in subsequent years. Cambridge will have a fully operational, accredited, Upper School by September 2017.

The Upper School will be housed in a two story building on the existing campus with updated classrooms, a large common area, art studio, science lab, offices, and fully equipped with state-of-the art technology. This substantial investment in the Upper School expansion is representative of the Cambridge School Mission Statement and our school’s steadfast determination to serve students diagnosed with learning differences, helping them to thrive.

The Cambridge Upper School will continue to be a small school where teaching, learning, and personal relationships are paramount. The curriculum is specially designed to develop specific academic skills, build a foundation of knowledge on those skills, and stimulate intellectual curiosity. The program is rigorous and designed to prepare students for success in college.

Cambridge Upper School takes a unique and dynamic approach to teaching the standard high school coursework. With blended courses that combine math, science, and technology or literature, art, and history students gain a deeper understanding of the material, make stronger connections, and enhance academic achievement. This approach allows students opportunities to investigate their interests, acquire confidence in their abilities, believe in their own intrinsic worth, and develop the skills necessary to achieve success during the high school years and beyond.

Students Sharing

Cambridge School’s Comprehensive Program for College Bound Success
Student Profile

  • Academically curious
  • Diagnosed with a language-based learning difference
  • Executive Function and work production challenges
  • Benefits from a Small Learning environment with individualized attention

Curriculum Provides

  • High School Diploma from an accredited school
  • Project-Based Learning
    • Students explore real-word problems, challenges, or areas of study
    • Teacher guided, but student driven
    • Allows the students to be self-motivated thinkers who look beyond the basic material and use higher level critical thinking and problem solving skills, communication skills, and executive function skills to plan, organize and execute a project
  • One-on-One Advisory
    • Students meet daily with their advisor for 45 minutes at the end of each day
  • Guidance Counselor Supported Investigation Course
    • Metacognition: How does the brain work? How do we learn?
    • Exploring careers
    • Applying to college
    • Strategies for success at college
  • Learning Lab
  • Excursion Education
    • Students travel off campus to fully immerse themselves in strategic learning experiences to strengthen their knowledge and understanding of curriculum
Science Lab

Comprehensive Experience

  • Athletics
    • Track, golf, tennis and swimming
  • The Arts
    • Visual and performing arts
  • High School Socials


  • Highly Qualified/Dual Certified
  • Trained
  • College Counselor
  • Adjunct Faculty from Local Colleges

For more information, contact our Admissions Office at (609)-730-9553 or visit our website at:

School Building

Cambridge School – Celebrating 15 years of
Educating Students Who Learn Differently

Sophia Fishman“I wish every school was like the Cambridge School,” enthuses Amy Fishman, parent of 4th grader Sophia. “Every child would benefit from their warm and inviting environment.” Located in Pennington, NJ Cambridge School is an academically rigorous private school specializing in educating children with dyslexia, ADHD, and other language-based learning differences through a multisensory curriculum. They believe every child deserves the opportunity for an excellent education.

At Cambridge School, the teachers focus on more than basic academics. Amy adds “they stress kindness and being respectful to others. They encourage students like no other school.” Head of School James Maher explains “all of our teachers are highly trained language specialists. We provide consistency of programing throughout all areas of the curriculum, this allows teachers to identify challenges and help students using the techniques and tools of research-based programs.” Additionally, students are excited to participate innovative and experiential classes such as Taekwondo, Architecture and Engineering, Graphic Design, and Music Classes in collaboration with the Westminster Choir College. These courses are designed specifically to address the learning needs of our students, as supported by academic research, and to develop intellectual curiosity and real world applications.

Cambridge School has expanded its education to include Upper School. Maher adds “based on our success, parents have asked us to add an upper school program. We have an additional, newly renovated space with state of the art technology. Last year we started with a 9th grade pilot program, are adding a 10th grade this year, and anticipate having a fully functional high school by September 2017. Melody Maskell, Associate Head of School, who oversees Admissions, reports that the freshman class is reaching full capacity, as great interest in our Upper School program continues.

Beyond traditional academic classes, each grade in the Upper School includes a course called Investigation with a different theme each year. Freshmen begin with metacognition; with an understanding of how their brains function. Students learn how to develop and use their learning strengths in order to succeed in college and in life. For sophomores, the focus is on exploring careers, including a hands-on internship in a field of interest. In the junior and senior years, the focus will be on preparing students for college.

Cambridge specializes in helping students with learning differences thrive. For Sophia, her journey to Cambridge began over two years ago. When Sophia, who has dyslexia, was in public school her mother watched her self-esteem drop. “I Googled schools. I called Cambridge and immediately felt the love through the phone.” At the same time, the school is located 75 minutes away from their home in Old Bridge. “I didn’t want to like it. We parked the car, opened the door, and I felt the love immediately.” Now entering her third year at Cambridge, Sophia is thriving academically and socially. “I cannot say enough good things about it.” Fishman adds that the school is also academically challenging. Last year, for example, Sophia was reading “Hatchet,” while her son was reading the same book in a fifth grade public school class. “The increases in her reading and writing are unbelievable.”

The best proof, for Amy, that they made the right decision for their daughter is that, “Sophia cannot wait to go back to school!”

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