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60 Ways (and one to grow on) to Get Kids and Adults Hooked On the Outdoors!


Authors: Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed

In honor of the 60th Birthday of the Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed, here are 60 ways (and one to grow on) to get kids and adults hooked on the outdoors.

  1. Walk in the rain and jump in puddles
  2. Make mud pies
  3. Jump in a pile of leaves
  4. Look for shapes in clouds
  5. Open your windows and breathe the fresh air
  6. Go barefoot in the park… or your yard
  7. Watch fireflies (Register your family for our Firefly Parade in the summer)
  8. Get down on your belly and explore a mini-landscape
  9. Crack open nuts to see what is inside
  10. Go fishing
  11. Have a picnic
  12. Eat weeds (Register for the Wild Edible Walk on April 17)
  13. Play old-fashioned games like tag, Red Rover and Hide and Seek
  14. Go swimming
  15. Fly a kite
  16. Wake up early and watch the sun rise
  17. Go camping
  18. Put on a show in your backyard and invite the neighbors
  19. Nap in a hammock
  20. Make a paper boat and sail it down the Stony Brook
  21. Go on a scavenger hunt and pick up litter
  22. Take a sensory walk
  23. Plant a garden – vegetable, flower or butterfly!
  24. Go orienteering, letterboxing or geocaching (Check out our Winter Exploration Geocache event on Feb. 6)
  25. Cook outside over a fire
  26. Ride your bike
  27. Try archery
  28. Play in the dirt (Summer Camp begins July 5 – make sure you sign up!)
  29. Write on the sidewalk with chalk
  30. Make a whistle from a blade of grass
  31. Wade in a running stream
  32. Build a fort or treehouse in your backyard
  33. Go birdwatching (Boy Scouts – register for our Bird Study merit badge workshop on March 27)
  34. Take a night hike (Register for Explore the Night lecture and hike in May)
  35. Stargaze
  36. Attend an outdoor festival (Butterfly Day 2010 is August 14)
  37. Start a collection of things you find outside
  38. Use people-power to get to school, store or work - WALK
  39. Climb a tree
  40. Skip stones
  41. Chase and catch butterflies (Kate Gorrie Butterfly House opens on June 12)
  42. Make a bird feeder or birdhouse (Register your family for Build a Birdhouse on March 27)
  43. Run through a sprinkler
  44. Watch ants
  45. Paint or draw outside
  46. Hug a tree (and register for our Maple Sugar Brunch/Hike on Feb. 27)
  47. Learn how to tie different knots
  48. Look for spider webs
  49. Play catch
  50. Walk your dog
  51. Look for geometric shapes in nature
  52. Count the different kinds of trees in your yard
  53. Listen to sounds and find out what makes them (Register for the Frog Slog on April 23 and learn the sounds of amphibians)
  54. Go canoeing or kayaking
  55. Look under rocks
  56. Dig in the dirt for worms
  57. Keep a naturalist journal
  58. Build a snowman
  59. Watch water ripples in ponds
  60. Roll down a hill
  61. Sing like a bird


Valid from 01/27/2010 to 01/27/2012