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Princeton NJ Events

Argentine Tango Dance Class, Viva Tango

Thursday October 27, 2011
9:15 PM

Viva Tango, based in Princeton, NJ,  has announced it will hold weekly Argentine Tango dance classes and practicas (practice sessions) starting Thursday, October 27th, 2011. The classes and practicas will be held at the Suzanne Patterson Center, 45 Stockton St. (located behind the Police Station), Princeton, NJ.  This week, Vittoria Natale and Guillermo Elkouss, from Cherry Hill, will teach an all-level class will be from 9:15-10:15 pm and the practica will be from 10:15-11:45 pm. The cost for the class and practica is $12.00.

Viva Tango is a new nonprofit corporation which promotes dance education for Argentine Tango.   Argentine Tango is both a musical genre and a social dance imported from Buenos Aires. The dance, which is almost entirely improvised, is based on walking. 

Viva Tango provides opportunities for people to take classes to learn the techniques of Tango and then immediately attend a practica to try out new steps, to correct their existing steps and to get help and instruction from the teachers and other dancers.

Visit Viva Tango at vivatango.wordpress.com

For further information, contact Viva Tango at princeton.vivatango@gmail.com or call Eileen Pall (732) 789-5272.

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