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Please if you would like your organization to post adoptions.

Organization:  Tabby's Place

Phone:  908 237-5300


Web Site:  www.tabbysplace.org

Siesta may be named after a nap, but he’s no sleepy fellow! He loves being active and investigating everything. He’s incredibly curious and will follow you around the room, looking for attention and trying to “help” with whatever you’re doing. Siesta needs a home that can provide lots of enrichment and activity. This special man hails all the way from Lebanon. While his past is a little murky, Siesta was found around the time of the Beirut Port Explosion in August ’20; he came to the U.S. with several other cats in search of a loving Forever Home. Siesta gets along fine with other cats but generally prefers to hang out alone. He’s frequently found up a cat tree or sniffing the breeze in his outdoor solarium. He would do great as a solo cat or in a household with other laidback cats. Siesta is a young, healthy boy who’s only missing the right home. Is Siesta the one for you? Fill out an adoption application today! Or schedule a guided visit at tabbysplace.org.
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