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Please if you would like your organization to post adoptions.

Organization:  Tabby's Place

Phone:  908 237-5300


Web Site:

Like her name, Pancake is soft, fluffy, and sweet! Before she came to Tabby’s Place, Pancake was an outdoor cat fed by a caretaker. When the cat colony’s population had to be reduced, Pancake was chosen to come indoors due to her friendliness. Pancake is still a little shy but she’s no feral. Thoughtful and inquisitive, she quietly studies new visitors. She is extremely loving after you earn her trust and if you scratch the right spot, she’ll arch her back and purr. Pancake is part of our Befriending Fearful Felines program, wherein volunteers spend extra time with cats in order to show them that humans aren’t so scary. She’s made great progress with her human buddies. Does Pancake sound like a match for you? Potential adopters should submit an online application and will be contacted by a staff member in order to schedule a video meet-and-greet. If you have any questions about virtual adoptions, please contact Danielle Rice at
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