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Hector and Mousy

Please if you would like your organization to post adoptions.
Hector and Mousy

Organization:  Tabby's Place

Phone:  908 237-5300


Web Site:

Hector and Mousy are 2 young toms looking for their forever home. With his vibrant tabby stripes and chonky figure, Hector is a striking boy who commands a room. His bestie, Mousy, is a shy white and tabby boy. Despite their innocent looks, Hector and Mousy have been through a lot. They were born in Lebanon, and both became wounded around the time of the Beirut port explosion in 2020. Luckily, the boys were found and brought to a rescue where they met and bonded. The rescue did its best to care for Hector and Mousy, but due to limited resources, they needed to make an international journey to finish their healing. Hector and Mousy are frequently found cuddling and taking care of one another. Each finds comfort in having the other by his side. Hector needs medication and monitoring for his asthma, but they are otherwise young boys with many years ahead of them! Can you keep these crisis-surviving BFFs together? Fill out an adoption application today!
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