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Organization:  Tabby's Place

Phone:  908 237-5300


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A former colony cat, Hashbrown has decided that the indoor life is where it’s at! He's traded in his tough outdoor life for hearty meals and cozy beds. While he was living outdoors, Hashbrown spent very little time with people. He was rightfully terrified when his outdoor home became inhabitable and he was thrust into a shelter environment with lots of people, noise, and commotion. However, with patience, he has slowly been coming around to our affections. While he enjoys pets, he can have a short fuse and won’t hesitate to give you a smack to let you know he’s had enough. He will need an experienced adopter who can respect his boundaries while still giving him the love he so deserves. Hashbrown isn’t keen on other cats in his space. He can quickly get jealous and would thrive as the only cat in your home. He knows he’s special, and he can’t wait to find a home where his humans know it, too! Can you open your heart to a cool dude like Hashbrown? Fill out an adoption application today!
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