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Patron Magazine is simply about Princeton.

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Patron is about the people who make Princeton great and the community in which they live.

Rich in tradition and unique in many ways, cosmopolitan Princeton is nestled in a picture-perfect countryside. You may have been beguiled by mythmakers with an image of a "stuffy" expensive town with an attitude -- that's an invention imposed on Princeton over the years by alien imaginations.

The fact of the matter is that Princeton is laden with history, intriguing people, a relaxed atmosphere, comfortable surroundings, fun events, theater, museums -- all in the stately presence of the University.

It's impossible to feel indifferent about Princeton. Princeton lovers tend to be worldly, to enjoy life and to appreciate its richly concentrated blend of cultures.

Princeton is a town worth visiting. Activities here abound, the restaurants and coffee shops are great and it's a shopper's paradise. Princeton offers high quality, individualized service at moderate prices. The values here are truly remarkable, compared to any other shopping alternatives, and you'll have fun while you are here!

Watch this space for features on living, shopping, and sightseeing in Princeton!

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