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Park Commission Honors Two Seasonal Workers

The recipients of two new annual Mercer County Park Commission awards – Seasonal Employee of the Year and Seasonal Volunteer of the Year – were recognized at the Park Commission’s January meeting.

The 2020 Seasonal Employee of the Year is Shubham Sharma, who works the reservation desk at the Tennis Center. Shubham is the face of the Tennis Center on Saturdays and Sundays, providing exceptional service to all patrons from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Shubham interacts with a diverse group of individuals at the center, and his ability to speak three languages helps him address any questions or issues that come up, as well as provide pointers.

“Shubham will be graduating from Rutgers University in May, and we cannot thank him enough for his support and commitment each weekend while balancing his academic schedule,” said Aaron T. Watson, Park Commission Executive Director.

Adela Rodriguez

The 2020 Seasonal Volunteer of the Year is Adela Rodriguez, volunteer at Mercer County Stables. When volunteers could return to the Stables after the facility closure, Adela was the first in line. Adela is 15 years old and put herself on the summer work schedule five days a week, five hours each day.

“She showed up for every scheduled shift with a smile and an amazing attitude and is eager to pursue a career related to farms management, horse riding and therapy in the future,” Mr. Watson said, adding that Adela contributed 425 total volunteer hours in 2020.

“On behalf of the Mercer County Park Commission, I would like to congratulate both Shubham and Adela for their professionalism and outstanding work ethic,” he said. “The Park Commission would not be able to run a successful program without seasonal park employees and the volunteers that support the work our facilities provide.”

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