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Artworks Trenton Presents " A STOLEN AESTHETIC" - Solo Works by April Cooper

As spring returns, Artworks Trenton is opening its door to talent in full bloom. From Tuesday, May 2nd to Saturday, June 3rd April Cooper's solo exhibition A STOLEN AESTHETIC will be on display in Artworks' Community Gallery. 


As a Trenton, NJ based artist, April Cooper creates art centered around black culture. She finds that black culture is portrayed negatively in movies and media. In opposition, her art showcases black culture as a positive experience or gathering, a proud belief of self-worth, and a nostalgic culture that is relatable. In her community, she sees this black culture, and it is reflected in her art. April uses her social media accounts to expand her ever growing audience and to create dialogue about her works, discussing the history and the meaning behind each individual piece.


A STOLEN AESTHETIC challenges the viewer to see the popular aesthetics that have been stolen from black culture. "It's important to me to see representation," states Cooper, "and to give credit to the originators. From hairstyles to hoop earrings, this body of work shines a light on the community that started the hype". 

Artworks Trenton is proud to showcase April's hard work and talent. A STOLEN AESTHETIC will be on view at Artworks Trenton, May 2- June 3, 2023, with an opening reception on May 5, from 6-8pm.

Please visit to find out more about Artworks Trenton and this exhibition. To see all of April's works, visit her website, .

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