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8TH Annual Points of View Art Show and Sale Sept 9 -11

Ilene Rubin Sunset Spectacular

The 8TH Annual Points of View Art Show and Sale featuring six local artists, will once again be presented during the weekend of September 9th, 2022. This year, the show will be located at New Hope Arts Center at 2 Stockton Avenue, New Hope, PA. The show opens with a reception on Friday, September 9th from 6 - 9 pm, and continues Saturday, September 10th and Sunday September 11th, from 12-5. For more information, contact JeanneChesterton@gmail.com or Ilene@IleneRubin.com.


Showcasing their art will be Bob Barish, Jeanne Chesterton, Florence Moonan, Susan Roseman, Ilene Rubin, and Dora Siemel. All art is for sale.


Jeanne Chesterton and Ilene Rubin have been creating the Points of View Art Show in the Bucks County area since 2014 and are pleased to be having this year's show in the heart of New Hope. Along with a who's who list of local artists, they have found that joining talent with location to exhibit and sell art has been quite the successful endeavor. It's a win-win for any serious collector of art or a casual tourist wanting to go home with a little piece of Bucks County in the New Hope/Lambertville/Stockton areas.


A few of the aspects that they like so much about the Point of View Art Show are that the art of Jeanne Chesterton and Ilene Rubin, along with Bob Barish, Florence Moonan, Dora Siemel and Susan Roseman complement each other while individually, are vastly different. All are well-known, award-winning artists who bring a unique voice and interpretation to the visual world around them. At the same time, each offers an impressive body of work, each professionally created and available for one weekend only.


There is something for everyone with little to no overlap of style or range. each has amassed their own following and niche in an otherwise crowded art field in the Bucks County region. It's a unique blend with a wide price range, so that anyone who is a collector will certainly have a diverse choice, while a casual tourist will easily find a treasure at the famous New Hope Arts Center.


Ilene Rubin is a self-taught artist who has lived in Elkins Park, Thousand Oaks, California, Boulder, Colorado and now calls Doylestown home. She received the Ty Hodanish award for Oil Painting in the Artsbridge 2021 Member Show in March 2021 and in the 34th Annual Bucks Fever Juried Art Exhibition "Celebrating Bucks County Artists". She is a published author of two novels. She was a participating artist in the ongoing virtual 2021 Bucks County Chamber of Commerce Bucks Fever Virtual Studio Artist Tour and was the Featured Artist in Bucks County Magazine in June 2021. She is a member of most Bucks County Art organizations and previously served as Vice President of the New Hope Art League. She is currently the chair of the ongoing Art Show at the Lower Bucks Hospital for The Artists of Bristol on the Delaware.

Says Ms. Rubin, "I'm an artist who feels very strongly about the emotional and instinctive force which drives the creative process. I want to feel that a location or object absolutely has to be explored. That exploration with paint creates a reality of that place or still life and in doing so, makes it real. That sense that I must document it is urgent and required or I will not rest until I've said every bit of what I need to convey about it. It's organic and ever-evolving, but unless my painting can reveal the artist in the art and at the same time be an inner mirror for a viewer, it's merely a rendering of color and form - but not stirring. I strive to reveal what's below the paint, what a viewer may remark is an invitation to walk in and look around. Then I know I've captured a moment in time or given an object the opportunity to seem physically real. It may not be what is seen outside your window or on your table in perfect clarity, and maybe it's really only felt or sensed, but if it made a viewer consider its innate beauty just for one minute, then I feel happy to have conveyed something they did not realize of myself until seeing my paintings. My greatest joy is when someone looks at my paintings all together in an arrangement on the wall, and then looks at me differently. That's a wonderful moment and I never tire of it. For me, that is the creative process, which is driven by an instinctive knowledge of what is compelling and what is merely ordinary. My job is to understand that capturing the ordinary can reveal the compelling."


Jeanne Chesterton is an award-winning Bucks County artist known for her realistic still life paintings.  Choice of subject may range from the formal and delicate to the ordinary and worn, depending upon the voice within.  The beauty marks of age and wear as seen in tarnished metal ware and mellowed ceramic ware remain a constant lure. 

Composition is important to the artist, and the choreography may undergo multiple revisions.  "I enjoy creating the best visual environment to showcase the stars.  The interplay of shapes, line, color, and light should suggest a conversation among the principals while manifesting visual harmony.  As the artist, I am engaging and directing the conversation, and I like to think the viewer is also a participant in the conversation, thus breathing 'life' into the still life painting."

Ms. Chesterton has exhibited her work in over 250 shows, and her paintings can be found in the permanent collection of the Trenton City Museum as well as many private collections throughout the United States.  She remains grateful to have been influenced by so many masterful artists painting in the classic tradition.


Bob Barish, speaking of his art journey; "I have always been interested in art, with my earliest recollections watching and participating with the Jon Gnagy TV show, "Learn to Draw", in the mid 1950's. That early interest has had a profound influence on my life. Upon graduation from The University of The Arts, Philadelphia, PA, and a corporate career as Art and Design Director in the Pharmaceutical Industry I remain a committed artist.

I am now a full-time oil painter specializing in plein air scenes of the Delaware Valley and the rich history of the area. Plein air painting offers me an immersion into the sights, sounds and feelings of the subject. My primary goal is to convey the immediacy of 'being there' with a glimpse of an instant image experiencing what I have seen and portraying in paint. As a board member of Artsbridge, the art association located in Stockton, NJ, I have also served as Coordinator for the River Rats Plein Air Painting Group for the past 16 years scheduling weekly paint-

outs at various locations in the Delaware Valley river towns and surrounding countryside."


New Jersey artist, Florence Moonan, has decades of art-making experience. A career dating from the late 1980s includes painting, mixed media and sculpture. She is noted for her tactile abstract venetian plaster paintings. Born in Trenton and raised in Lambertville, her home and studio are now located in Stockton where she and her husband raised four children. She was a full-time employee at The College of New Jersey, and part-time student while actively pursuing an art career. In 2002, Moonan received her BFA from The College of New Jersey summa cum laude and is a member of Phi Kappa Phi.

            The driving force behind her work is a narrative drawn from her personal history, the natural world, travel experiences, and above all, music. She appeared to be headed in the direction of theater as a young member of the Lambertville Music Circus, but ideas of performing merged into painting after her father gave her a set of acrylics. Her creative process involves tapping into her instincts to discover and create an expressive language using color and texture. The unique qualities of venetian plaster, her current medium of choice for her multi-layered work, helps her produce surfaces that reveal fragmented patterns and rich textures. She also enjoys up-cycling ordinary materials and working in series. Her three-dimensional LP Series is not only inspired by music, but also on it. Namely, her long playing record collection.


Susan Roseman on her art: "The lino cut is my medium of choice for the images assembled. I relish these many dogs and the variety of creative response they inspire. I am impelled by the subject to employ a host of technical choices to portray what each individual brings to the sitting. Sometimes surprises sometimes poetry, all to the end of portraiture, an art piece that is decisive and familiar a reward in itself to everyone who has a heart to share with one of these captivating spirits."

Dora Siemel was born in Matto Grosso, Brazil. In addition to being a sculptor, she is a poet, a computer consultant and a martial artist and yoga instructor. She has her own studio in Green Lane, Pennsylvania since 1992.  Her sculpture medium is clay. The colors come from any combination of glazes, oxides, paints and waxes.

Says, Dora, "My sculptures are inspired by things I see or read or an idea that comes to me as I'm working on a piece. I am happy to have people make their own interpretation of each piece and I love that anyone finds my work meaningful, beautiful, or amusing. When it feels appropriate, I incorporate found objects into my sculptures. These can be metal, fiber, bone or anything else that seem to fit with the rest of the sculpture."

Her work has been accepted at various juried shows including PAAG's "Art on the Hill", the Lansdale Festival of the Arts, the Norristown Art League, the Meadowood Art Show, the Norristown Art League, the Woodmere Art Museum Show, the Phillips Mill Art Show, the New Hope Art League Show, the Bucks Byers Fever Show, the Bucks County Sculpture Show, the FODC Show, and the GoggleWorks Annual Show.  She's been in numerous other shows in the area since 2014.  Her pieces have won numerous local prizes including assorted "Best of Show" awards. She had a two-woman show with Edith Malin, at the Multiple Choice Gallery at the Montgomery County Community College in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania. She had a show with painter Robert Stack at PARADOX in Fairville, Pennsylvania. More recently her horse sculptures were on display at the Morgan Log House in Lansdale, Pennsylvania.





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