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Events for Thursday March 15, 2018

Dislecksia: The Movie! Free Screening


Thursday March 15, 2018
7:00 PM

Reserve Your Free Seat for the Princeton Film Screening of Dislecksia:The Movie at Rider University. Join Emmy-Winning Filmmaker, Harvey Hubbell V and expert panel as they uncover little understood history of Dyslexia, which some are now calling a "Super-Power!

Check out film trailer here:

Throughout the film, Harvey Hubbell V, (who himself is Dyslexic) shares not only his personal journey from affable preschooler to mislabeled 'stupid and lazy kid' but also the vast number of famous names who similarly struggle(d) with Dyslexia, including such luminaries as Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Sir. Richard Branson, Pablo Picasso, and Steven Spielberg. The film features 'dyslexic icons' such as Billy Bob Thornton, Barbara Corcoran, Joe Pantoliano, Billy Blanks, Stephen J. Cannell, and Sarah Joy Brow n. As reviewer, Odie Henderson, penned, "Equal parts confessional, celebrity interview, activism, in-depth discussion, and cheerleader for the afflicted. It's packaged in an easygoing 83 minutes...(that) never wears out its welcome."


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