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Events for Tuesday May 16, 2023

Author: Kate Clancy with Catherine Clune-Taylor, Labyrinth Books


Tuesday May 16, 2023
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Menstruation is something half the world does for a week at a time, for months and years on end, yet it remains largely misunderstood. Scientists once thought of an individual’s period as useless, and some doctors still believe it’s unsafe for a menstruating person to swim in the ocean wearing a tampon. Period counters the false theories that have long defined the study of the uterus, exposing the eugenic history of gynecology while providing an intersectional feminist perspective on menstruation science.

Kate Clancy offers a bold and revolutionary perspective on the science and cultural history of menstruation. Please join us.

PLEASE NOTE The Library and Labyrinth Books are working with the local chapter of I Support the Girls, a non-profit that collects and distributes bras and menstrual hygiene products for folks experiencing homelessness. We will have a collection bin at the event and will be accepting donations of new bras, tampons, maxi pads (thick and thin), individually wrapped feminine wipes, and new underwear to distribute locally through organizations in the Princeton region doing anti-poverty work.


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