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Albert Einstein: Champion of Racial Justice and Equality - New Exhibit @Princeton Public Library

“Albert Einstein: Champion of Racial Justice and Equality,” will be on view at Princeton Public Library June 15 through Aug. 1.


A collaboration between The Princeton Einstein Museum of Science (PEMS) and the Witherspoon Jackson Historical and Cultural Society (WJHCS), the exhibit details the esteemed scientist’s relationships with residents of Princeton’s traditionally African American neighborhood, as well as with many of the most prominent Black leaders of the mid 20th century.


An opening reception will be held June 15 from 6-7 p.m. in the Reading Room where the exhibit of 11 panels with text and images will be displayed. Historian Shirley Satterfield, lifelong resident of the Witherspoon Jackson neighborhood and president of WJHCS, will be in attendance. “The mainstream press reported on nearly everything Einstein did except for his involvement with the African American community,” Satterfield said. “Our exhibit highlights this largely unknown aspect of his life in Princeton.”


 “We are proud to team up with the Witherspoon Jackson Historical and Cultural Society to present this important exhibit,” said PEMS president Elizabeth Romanaux.  “Although ours will primarily be a science museum, visitors will need some context about Einstein’s life in Princeton. They’ll find it in a small introductory gallery which will include information about his life here, including his friendships in the African American community.”


Funded by the McCutchen Foundation, the exhibit is scheduled to move to other sites throughout Central New Jersey after Aug. 15.



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