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Small is the New Big

(SALESMAN'S DISCLAIMER: The follow blog is in no way meant to discourage readers from contracting with this blogger or any other kitchen and bath remodeling firm for massively large kitchen and/or bathroom projects that involve full guts of existing spaces, movement of walls, addition of windows, skylights, new floors, full appliance packages, custom cabinets, and exotic countertop materials. The following discussion of small and modestly priced projects is for entertainment purposes only.)

Lately we've been remodeling a good amount of smaller spaces for our clients. Some of these projects, I think, have been to satisfy the urge to renovate, but without investing in full kitchen remodels. It's always satisfying to improve a home you love, and remodeling your home office, mud room and smaller bathrooms can be very rewarding. And in smaller, down town homes, a thoughtful re-design of little spaces can make a big difference.

Here is nice home office we did on an unused third floor.

We used semi-custom cabinets here to keep the budget reasonable while allowing us to customize the cabinets to fit the smaller walls under the roof line.

Cranmer's Kitchens designer Kris Greaves created this desk/reading/dresser area for a girl's bedroom, adding fun, style and function all on one wall!

Here is a great, small kitchen remodel designed by Stephen Thompson or Design Force, with material and renovation by Cranmer's Kitchens. The kitchen looks brand new and completely re-designed, but it's not. For this project, we only replaced the wall cabinets, replaced the doors and drawers on the base cabinets, and added the newly designed table area. This is a great example of good design and careful budgeting resulting in a brand new space for a reasonable investment.

My favorite part - Stephen specified a little extra depth over the hood, changed the finish and found some high-end chicken wire (who knew?) to provide a great focal point.

Hall baths and powder rooms are nice, modest investment level projects that can really add to a home. Here is a great powder room designed by Andrea Powell from Complete Interiors. Great use of bold colors and a totally custom Wood-mode vanity piece to really make maximum impact in a small space.

(Pic coming soon!)


Small is the New Big

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