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Mercer County Master Gardeners Offer Four-Part Lawn Care Course


As spring approaches, many people will have questions about what should be done to have a nice lawn in 2010 and still maintain a healthy environment and a reasonably intact wallet.   A four-part course, The Basics of Successful Lawn Care, will be offered at the Mercer County Extension office for professionals in the lawn care industry and for homeowners who care for their own lawns or hire maintenance companies.
The classes will be held on Wednesday evenings, Feb 10, 17, and 24 and March 3, from 7:00 to 8:30 PM.  Pesticide re-certification credits are being offered.  The charge will be $12.00 per class or $40 for all four to cover the cost of printed handouts.
Lecturer Barbara J. Bromley, Mercer County Horticulturist, has divided the course into four parts.  Each session stands alone, but there will be many references to material learned in earlier classes.
Part 1: Management Strategies & Selection of Grasses.  This will cover determining lawn maintenance levels, characteristics of cool and warm season grasses grown in New Jersey, soil testing, and understanding the basic grass requirements of light, water, and soil.
Part 2: Basic Maintenance, IPM-Based Practices.  This includes mowing, edging, soil testing, fertilizing, liming, and watering.
Part 3: Pest Control. This class will cover the identification and control of insects, diseases, and weeds.
Part 4: Lawn Renovation & Establishment plus Troubleshooting.  Included in this class is how to renovate a damaged lawn or establish a new lawn on bare soil by seeding or sodding.  Also included will be environmental factors that damage turf.

For a full outline of the course, to have questions answered, or to pre-register (strongly advised) call Rutgers Cooperative Extension at (609) 989-6830 or visit the office from 8:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. at 930 Spruce Street in Lawrence, adjacent to the Trenton Farmer’s Market.  All classes will be held at the Extension office.  There is ample parking.

Valid from 01/28/2010 to 03/04/2010

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Valid from 07/20/2009