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Events for Thursday February 18, 2021

Millions of Abolitionists: The Republican Party and the Struggle to Overthrow the Slave Power, 55 Plus Club

Thursday February 18, 2021
10:00 AM

Drawn from my ongoing research on the rise of the Republican Party before the Civil War, the talk will consider how the antislavery movement, across the 1850s, moved from the radical fringe to the very center of American politics. Beginning with some broad discussion of the place of slavery in American life in the 1850s — and the extraordinary power of slaveholders in American politics — the talk will discuss the ascendancy of the new antislavery Republican Party after 1854: what factors, forces, and figures best explain its rapid rise, as well as the revolutionary implications of that rise. In particular, I will look closely at some less familiar moments during the election of 1856 — the first national Republican campaign — as a moment when both these implications became unmistakable.

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