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Events for Friday February 12, 2021

Regenerative Loop Antennas Discussion, The Sarnoff Collection

Friday February 12, 2021
7:15 PM

Loop antennas are a hot topic today and improved directional loop antennas are key for having great BCB Dxing fun. Joe discusses the earliest 1924 patent which adds regeneration to a loop antenna to obtain improved selectivity and other performance enhancements. The regenerative loop antenna inventor, Vladimir Kosmich Zworykin went on to work for RCA and is considered to be a pioneer of television technology (Sarnoff called him THE inventor of television)! Joe reversed engineers a commercial regen loop - the Kiwa Medium Wave air core loop antenna - with the idea of designing and making one.

Currently, Prof Joe Jesson is an adjunct ECE Professor at The College of New Jersey and CEO of a Consulting Company, RFSigint Group.

Link for Livestream:

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