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The Bordentown Historical Society Announces True Crime Showcase - Harrowing History - in September

Beginning September 19, 2020, "The whispers of Bordentown's sinister past are about to breathe to life once again." The Bordentown Historical Society is going to reveal six of Bordentown's most shocking 19th century true tales will come to life of during an evening of theatrical storytelling. Costumed storytellers will guide you through the shocking events of they day as attendees sit back and are brought back through time.

Harrowing History is about Bordentown's darker, yet entirely Real and True, creepy, scary, and often hushed history as pulled from old 1800s through early 1920s local and national records. These are true stories of murder, mayhem and tragedy.

We will delve into the darkest corners of Bordentown's past...the gore, the gruesome, the whispered tales of the unfortunate. These stories have been researched from national and local newspaper accounts, court records, medical census data, genealogy records, and the Historical Society's very own files – so don't doubt for a moment that you're hearing a tall tale or rumor.


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