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Woodfield is a 124-acre park located in Princeton Township, Mercer County, NJ. Although quite a small park, it has many features to explore and enjoy during the different seasons. The area was once farmed but has been returned to wild growth; it has streams and steep slopes with large boulders, and is a haven for many wild birds.  It's main entrance is located off the Old Great Road across from the Tenacre Foundation, which is funding some maintenance projects for Woodfield Reservation, which adjoins Tenacre's property.   The area is a couple of miles NW of Princeton and is bounded on its north side by Drakes Corner Road:

The Reservation is open daily from dawn to dusk. As in any natural area, please take only photos and leave only footprints. Camping, fires, hunting or use of vehicles is not allowed in the park. Also, there is currently no provision for mountain bike use or horse back riding. Dogs should be kept under close control (have you ever been around a dog that scared up a skunk?).

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