Stony Brook-Millstone Association Citation to

Sensible Transportation Options Partnership (STOP)

Monday, April 19, 2004

Heron Label
Accepting the award are (front), Jean Mahoney, Martha Redi, Bobbi Parmet, Richard Barrett;
(back), Patrick Lyons, Alan Goodheart, Lincoln Hollister, Sarah Hollister.
Other STOP members not pictured include
Peggy Killmer, Paula McGuire, Candace Preston, Dean Ritts, and Sandy Shapiro.

The Sensible Transportation Options Partnership represents all that is best about citizens banding together to make a difference. First, issues that matter have inspired you. From the earliest days, you understood that a plan to build a new road parallel to the Millstone River and D&R Canal would cause irreparable harm to extraordinary resources. Second, you created a core of dedicated volunteers who worked with each other to challenge this project. The teamwork of STOP allowed different members to step forward at different times, or on different issues - creating a whole that was far more potent that a sum of the pieces. Moreover, teamwork enabled STOP to remain involved over more than a decade, a remarkable feat for a volunteer body. Third, STOP mastered both what you were against and for. STOP did professional research on virtually every aspect of this project: legal, engineering, planning, cultural, historical, and archaeological - demonstrating a vast array of problems with the project. But not only did you highlight problems, but you also did thorough research into the planning, engineering and legality of viable alternatives, changing the tenure [sic] of the debate. Fourth, STOP engaged a much wider audience to join the effort. Members of STOP formed the core of the much larger Millstone Bypass Alert, and helped engage thousands of people in this debate. Finally, and most importantly, you were able to marshal all these forces to achieve a remarkable outcome - a roadway design that both improves traffic flow and substantially reduces harm to the resources you set-out [sic] to protect. A group may ultimately be measured by their success - and for STOP, you have achieved a lasting outcome that permanently improves the landscape of this place we call home. We salute your commitment, perseverance, bravery, intelligence and friendship, and are please to present you with our River-Friendly Advocates Award.

Past Award: Jean Mahoney won the 2001 Margen Penick Award at the Third Annual Princeton Communiversity Conference of the Sandra Starr Foundation: "Princeton Gets the Picture."

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