Princeton Society of Musical Amateurs

Facebook Members of the community gather together for the common and joyful enterprise of making music, to sing through for their own pleasure the great works in choral literature, with chorus, orchestra, and soloists as the works require. The meetings are informal readings in which any musically interested person may join the chorus. There are no auditions and no separate rehearsals, except for a one-hour chorus rehearsal for the annual Gilbert and Sullivan session. Conductors usually do some preparation with the chorus before the sing-through. This varies from minimal snippets for well-known pieces to a complete review for unfamiliar works. See our past seasons archive for historical information.


2020-2021 Season

Sunday afternoons at 4:00pm

18 October 2020

15 November 2020

13 December 2020

10 January 2021

7 February 2021

21 March 2021

18 April 2021

The unpresedented challenges created by the coronavirus pandemic have resulted in difficult but necessary choices to protect ourselves and limit exposure to others. Based on these concerns, our Board of Trustees has decided not to hold live reading sessions for the remainder of the 2020 calendar year. We have also decided to suspend dues and meeting fee collection for the 2020-21 season. If you would like to continue to support our organization, you can find voluntary donation instructions here.

We are, though, currently exploring virtual experiences, including online sing-ins and mini webinar lectures, on the dates in the above schedule. Please check back to this Webpage and our Facebook page for additional details and updates as plans are announced.

For a list of other local organizations that welcome amateur musicians to participate, see our list of area musical groups.

Musical Amateurs is run by a Board of Trustees and Management Committees.

Questions about the Society may be addressed to Marilee Thompson, President at (609) 466-4479 or email to

Last updated 6/11/2020


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