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Montgomery Township Farm Marks D&R Greenway's 304th Preserved Property

We are happy to announce that on Monday, July 22, 2019, Montgomery Township permanently preserved the landmark farm landscape of Pat and Don Matthews in partnership with D&R Greenway.

Once home to cows and barn dances, the community best knows this highly-visible farm on busy Rt. 206 for its red barns. This farm was ripe for development into a shopping center; instead it is preserved forever. Preservation was accomplished with an Agricultural, Conservation and Viewshed Easement with the farm remaining in the Matthews family.

D&R Greenway worked with financial advisor Wade Martin to assist the financing structure and provide the landowners with lifetime income. The Matthews' commitment to preservation will ensure that their farm will remain a symbol of our area's rich agricultural history forever.

Congratulations and thanks goes to Montgomery Township for their work protecting this farm and funding preservation. Preservation of the Matthews farm brings D&R Greenway to more than 20,500 acres of preserved land. Don and Pat, you are now part of D&R Greenway's special family of preservation landowners. Thank you for being a part of our legacy!

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