with Rice Lyons

IsThere Life After Forty-Five?

Indeed there is!


Especially if you laugh a lot, play a little, share a little--and dance. Dance, the most joyous of movements, keeps us young in body and spirit, and music dispels lethargy and depression.

Where? At classes for people who like to be happy!

New group meets Thursdays, starting Sept. 14th, from 1 - 2:30 PM at Redding Circle. Call 924-7108 or 924-7742 for more details and to register.

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LAFF® offers a unique blend of stress reduction techniques, exercise, dance and fun. This imaginative program, created by Rice Lyons, increases self-awareness and sensitivity to others. LAFF® incorporates the healing power of touch as well as gentle stretches that promote pain-free flexibility.

Why LAFF®? For health, because laughter enhances respiration and, by stimulating the release of endorphins--the body's natural pain killers--actually increases disease-fighting immune cells.

So--come and enjoy the warm support of like-minded people who have gathered for fun and companionship. Come and join us at LAFF®.

Life may not be the party you hoped for, but while you're here you should dance!

Past participants say:

"This is the best course I have ever taken--a class that teaches you that you are wonderful and gives you permission to hug yourself for it! Rice Lyons is delightful: funny, warm, sincere, with a great feeling for people"
--Joan O'Kane, department administrator, Princeton University

"Rice has put together a winning package of fun, skills, and self-awareness."
--Neil Lamper, Ph.D, Gestalt therapist and former professor of counseling

"The course offers a healing balm for the body and spirit. This is all about getting in touch with yourself and in touch with others."
--Martha Weintraub, educational writer

"This class added another dimension to my life."
--Zelda Laschever, potter

"The best part of the class is Rice herself. I'm ready to sign up again anytime!"
--Sally Wuthnow, nursing instructor

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