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Events for Tuesday November 13, 2018

NOFA-NJ Book Club


Tuesday November 13, 2018
7:00 PM

Book Club: Silent Spring  

Brick Farm Market, 65 E Broad St, Hopewell, NJ 08525 - All welcome, free to attend. Please let us know you can make it: https://nofanj.org/event/book-club-silent-spring/

Rachel Carson inspires passionate concern for the future of the planet and all living organisms in Silent Spring by providing real-life examples of the effects of DDT on wildlife, domestic pets, and even humans. This landmark book of the twentieth century was instrumental in launching the environmental movement. The outcry after its publication resulted in the ban of DDT and spurred revolutionary changes in water, air, and land laws. Calling for individuals to question what the federal government put into the environment,Carson spent years researching and documenting the mistreatment of powerful chemical pesticides and defending her analysis until her death in 1962. Silent Spring aimed to change the direction of science and technology and demand answers and accountability.


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