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Princeton NJ Events

Events for Sunday August 30, 2020

Virtual 4-H Maker Fair, Robbinsville Innovation Club of Mercer County 4-H

Sunday August 30, 2020
10:00 AM

A science and innovation fair for and by the students, virtual gathering of industry leaders, mentors and practitioners around the world with our club's young innovators. Presenting 40+ unique Innovations derived to solve community problems using Programmable Art, Science & Physical Computing.

Those interested in attending should contact the Robbinsville club directly at RobbinsvilleInnovationClub@gmail.com.

Electronic Environmental Detectives, TCNJ Webinar

Sunday August 30, 2020
1:30 PM

As we seek to solve, or even study, environmental problems effectively we must measure and analyze them. Electronics has been enabling atmospheric and other environmental sciences since the early 20th century. This Sunday at the Sarnoff talk by physicist Jonathan Allen will discuss the evolution and current state of electronic instruments for atmospheric measurements, and analysis including both gaseous and particulate pollutants, as well as instruments developed by the author. To register for this Zoom webinar, visit https://tcnj.zoom.us/webinar/register/6715953661378/WN_anAmLPHISUilOgoXXJv2Nw

Contact: Florencia Pierri, pierrif@tcnj.edu

website: https://davidsarnoff.tcnj.edu/2020/06/09/lecture-series-sunday-at-the-sarnoff/

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