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Princeton, NJ 08542

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  • Princeton Borough operates under a form of the mayor-council plan in which authority is decentralized. Under this form the Mayor, elected directly by the voters, shares administrative power and responsibility with the Council.

    THE BOROUGH COUNCIL is the policy-making body of Borough government but it also has administrative powers. The Council

    • is composed of six council members, two of whom are elected at large each year for a three-year term.
    • passes all ordinances and changes them as needed.
    • adopts the operating budget, a task which is usually completed annually by mid-March. Throughout the year the Council examines for approval a variety of financial transactions.
    • approves appointments made by the Mayor.
    • members also sit on a number of advisory committees and other official boards with both appointed and elected officials plus citizen representatives. Many of these are joint Borough-Township boards.
    • has three committees: Finance, Personnel Practices, and Public Works, which have significant policy oversight in their respective areas.

    THE BOROUGH MAYOR, as chief executive officer of the Borough, serves on a part-time basis and is paid a nominal salary. The Mayor

    • is elected for a four-year term.
    • nominates appointees to boards and commissions of the Borough subject to the approval of the Council, unless otherwise provided by law.
    • presides at Council meetings but votes only in case of a tie or a few other specified circumstances.
    • confers with residents about community problems and public policy.

    THE BOROUGH ADMINISTRATOR, as chief administrative officer, heads a staff of more than 100 persons. The Administrator

    • is appointed by Mayor and Council.
    • manages the Borough's business and carries out the Council's plans and orders.
    • is responsible for personnel organization and policy and coordinates interdepartmental operations. All Borough departments report to the administrator.
    • prepares the budget and is in charge of purchasing.

    THE BOROUGH CLERK is appointed to a three-year renewable term by the Council and receives tenure after five years. The Clerk

    • is secretary to the governing body and municipal corporation.
    • prepares agenda, keeps official documents and supervises preparation and distribution of Borough Code and Charter.
    • supervises all elections.
    • furnishes the public with general information about the Borough.

    THE BOROUGH ATTORNEY is appointed by the Mayor and Council each year. The attorney

    • advises municipal officials and department heads on legal matters and procedures.
    • prepares ordinances, resolutions, contracts and other legal documents.
    • represents the Borough in legal actions.

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