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Events for Wednesday July 25, 2018

Monarch Journey, Lambertville Free Public Library


Wednesday July 25, 2018
7:00 PM

Monarch Journey, a hands-on environmental program on the Monarch butterfly, is coming to the Lambertville Free Public Library, 6 Lilly Street, on Wednesday, July 25, 7 - 8 pm. Co-sponsored by the Library and Lambertville Goes Wild, this free program is a perfect opportunity for children and adults to observe caterpillars munching milkweed, adult butterflies flying in a special cage, and, with luck, butterflies emerging from their chrysalises.

Loretta Shigo, founder of Monarch Journey, will present the fascinating details about this colorful creature: its complex life cycle, its flying and navigation skills, and its special habitat needs. With the ongoing decline in the Monarch population, Monarch Journey has been working for years to help the species survive by educating the public about the importance of its host plant, milkweed, and the need for habitat development and preservation.

A key aim of Lambertville Goes Wild is to promote wider use of native plants to support all varieties of wildlife, including birds and pollinators such as bees, butterflies, and moths, which in turn ensure the viability of about 80% of all flowering plants, including many on which we depend for food and medicine. For more information about Lambertville Goes Wild, visit the website,, or Facebook page.


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